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Telecom and technology costs are one of the largest expenses and most time-consuming areas to challenge businesses today.  Whether you don't have an accurate inventory of your IT assets, you're currently managing your inventory by outdated spreadsheets, or you're just growing exponentially, Avail's telecom expense management (TEM) solutions will give you an ongoing savings stream and align your inventory so you can make data-driven business decisions. 

With Avail's purpose-built platform and unparalleled managed services, we bring a sense of control and visibility to your entire technology lifecycle. Our expertise includes:

  • Connectivity – Wireline, Wireless, IoT

  • Cloud – Private, Hybrid, Public

  • Hardware – PBX, Route/Switch, Compute, Storage, Laptop/Desktop, Mobile

  • Software – Maintenance/Warranty, Subscription/SaaS, Enterprise Agreements


Avail doesn't just add another software to your stack. We're built as a fully managed services company, serving as an extension of your team. You can transition your day to day activities to increase efficiencies among your IT team and save money. 

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There is clear value to having ALL pertinent information stored in one place, so the 4A reporting tool definitely adds value.

- Michele
CIO  /  
Communications Industry


With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80, we rank in the top of technology companies in client satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in five-star personalized service.

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