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Avail is your business's single point of contact to place and manage orders.  When telecom and technology provisioning is integrated with inventory management and a fully managed expense management solution, your business has full transparency over inventory, orders, and costs.  By managing MACDs (move, add, change and disconnects) with Avail, your inventory in the 4A cloud platform is automatically updated. The Avail team ensures you're only paying for the inventory and services that are in use. 

  • Avail will execute the following on behalf of the carriers:

    • Device / Equipment Upgrades​

    • Line re-assignment

    • Move/Add/Change/Disconnects and Reconnects 

    • Special Construction for In-Building coverage

    • Billing Inquiries 

    • New Activations 

  • Service Delivery provided by Avail:

    • Pricing and Quote Requests

    • Contract Compliance Validation

    • Order confirmation by Carrier

    • Tracking Status of Order - The Entire Lifecycle

    • Test and Turn Up - Avail manages the Coordination of On-Site Activity and Validates Service Parameters

    • Facilitate Appropriate Planning and Status Tracking Meetings

    • Escalate to Carrier and Client Management to ensure Timely Service Delivery


We don't just add another software to your stack. Our people, processes, and platform provide a comprehensive approach to your IT environment.

Let our trusted team of professionals help you with your IT expenses. Avail has the expertise you need to control and reduce costs.
Contact us today.
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