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Reducing IT & telecom costs is a continuous process that requires attention to usage trends in order to discover savings opportunities. The Avail team does all of the heavy lifting to uncover potential savings so your business doesn't overpay. Avail provides monthly and quarterly business reviews to present data findings and ongoing savings avenues. 

Avail guarantees it will discover more in annual savings than the cost of the service, or we'll provide a carrier credit for the difference between the two! 

Avail's Usage Management Solution: ​

  • Identifies and optimizes services at closed or inactivated locations, circuits or usage-based services with zero or low utilization or disjointed services, and unusual charges 

  • Proactively monitors mobile plans for excessive usage, identifies lines with zero usage, and excessive voice, data, or roaming usage, or services/devices 

  • Provides recommendations for invoice and account consolidation

Enrich your raw data to discover business usage trends and identify your savings!

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