Avail Pulse is a one-time analytics report that brings unprecedented insight and analytics to your company’s wireless program. This report leverages Avail's ultra powerful data engine to automatically aggregate, normalize and analyze all of your monthly carrier billing details. It is smart enough to analyze your company’s historical consumption of mobility to provide intelligent recommendations on how you can best tune up your wireless program. Its trending spend and usage charts will give you unprecedented abilities to:


Track your monthly spend across all four major U.S. carriers.


See exactly where your mobile spend is going by charge-type.


Get spend and trend breakdowns across a variety of categories.


Get on the right track to a healthy mobility program.

Curb wasteful spending. Gain financial insight. See deep into your corporate wireless program. Automatically, for free.

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Intelligent recommendations are generated based on your company’s wireless usage data. All the details you need to take action to achieve a healthy and efficient mobility program are included.


Trending charts are included in the Avail Pulse report. Useful for spotting anomalies in your program, these charts show you month-over-month variations in your wireless spend across a variety of categories.


These charts give you a holistic view into your current wireless environment. At a glance, understand your past six months of data across all your carriers with a normalized view of all your data. Track all outstanding lines, including zero-usage lines; see spend broken down by category, by users, by pools, and by carriers, and more.


A telecom expense management partner that offers a guaranteed ROI while reducing the complexities of IT operations. We don't just add another software to your stack, we staff a dedicated team with proven onboarding and integration processes to deliver comprehensive results.


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