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Maintaining an accurate inventory is necessary to manage your IT infrastructure and to control costs. To accomplish IT inventory management successfully and effectively, we developed 4A, our cloud-based expense management software. Our 4A platform stores all of your telecom and IT inventory of lines, circuits, warranties, agreements, wireless devices, and more. Not only does it store this pertinent information, but it captures custom details on geographic location, designated business units, or any other custom fields our clients might want for data analysis purposes.  Our inventory management solution includes:

4A Portal _Inventory.png
  • Creating and Maintaining Site Information - Our team does all of the heavy lifting for our clients. We'll create and update everything (site information, contacts, location, etc) in our 4A platform. 

  • Create and Update Detailed Service Information - We'll detail out the service type, carrier circuit ID, any feature or provisioning information, pricing, installation and expiration dates, and master account numbers. 

  • Integrate with ordering and provisioning or HR - Our platform can integrate with a variety of platforms so our clients can view orders, or so human resources can reconcile active employees with active wireless services. 

Inventory Core Assets:

  • Air Cards

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data communications lines

  • Lease and maintenance agreements

  • Local exchange services

  • Long distance services

  • Mobile Devices

  • MPLS

  • Network Equipment

  • PBXs

  • Software Licenses

  • Tablets & other mobile devices

  • VOIP equipment and services

  • Warranty agreements

"There is clear value to having ALL pertinent information stored in one place, so the 4A reporting tool definitely adds value."

Media / Communication Industry

Uncover savings by discovering unused services and IT assets with Avail.

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