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Managing and monitoring your telecom and IT invoices is critical in IT expense management. In today's connected and complex world, you need tools and technology: telephones, mobile devices, expensive high-speed internet, hardware, software, and so much more. The invoices delivered by these various carriers or contracts can be hundreds or even thousands of pages long. Your business can save time and money when Avail automates, consolidates, and validates your invoices. 


Avail's Invoice Management includes three components: 
     •  Automated Invoice processing for any technology or telecom assets

     •  Treasury and bill payment
     •  Invoice requests

"Billing errors average 5% to 12% of ongoing telecom services and technology budgets"




Automated Invoice Processing - The Avail team receives the invoices from all of the carriers, matches the invoices against the clients' inventory at the circuit and feature level.  Avail identifies discrepancies in billing versus expected charges, reviews usage sensitive invoices to ensure charges match the contracted rates, and identifies any accruals.  Avail inputs all information into our 4A portal for transparency on accurate and timely invoice processing. 

Treasury and Bill Payment - Avail doesn't just receive the bill and submit it for payment. Our team pays invoices ON TIME and provides remittance information back to our clients. If for some reason a late fee accrues, Avail takes it upon themselves to pay the fees. 

Invoice Requests & Historical Data - Avail stores all invoice history in its 4A cloud-based platform for our clients to retrieve. 

Are you ready to streamline your payment process and improve payment tracking?

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