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Telecom and technology costs are one of the largest expenses and most time-consuming areas to challenge management for businesses today. Our goal is to help businesses save money and achieve an ongoing savings stream with the optimization of contracts, assets, and services.

Our audit captures all of the relevant details and chargeable services, including vendors, accounts, circuits, phone numbers, features, taxes, contracts, and locations, and organizes the data to how the business is structured. By aligning inventory and costs with how its viewed in your budget makes it easy to setup cost allocations and run reports.

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At the end of the audit, we'll provide an executive summary detailing the cost-savings, process improvements, management reports highlighting service/vendor/location, contract summaries, and invoice optimization opportunities. With our Avail audit guarantee, the identified savings over a defined period of time will meet or exceed the audit fees. We’re 100% confident you’ll see a return on investment. Our audit activities include:

  • Findings summary

    • Contract benchmarking against market rates

    • Identify unused services and savings if eliminated

    • Identify services not billed at contracted rate and savings if correctly billed; identify under billed services and flag for accrual

    • Recommendations for contractual improvements

  • Savings summary

    • Optimize assessment to identify opportunities to reduce costs

    • Credits, rates and optimization

    • Billing errors on invoices 

  • Recommendations with Action Plan

    • Contractual and procurement recommendations

    • Optimization and savings opportunities 

"There is clear value to having ALL pertinent information stored in one place, so the 4A reporting tool definitely adds value."

Media / Communication Industry

Are you ready to save at least 23% of your IT budget?

Setup a consultation with us today. 

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