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Managing telecom and technology is complicated. It’s hard to find people or the resources to do the work and as technology and telecom continues to be a top organizational expense, it’s even harder to stay in control. We’ve watched mobility go mainstream and networks become increasingly complex and we’ve witnessed corporations struggle to stay in control. We knew there needed to be a better, simpler, cost-effective way to help businesses reduce costs and manage their IT environments. So we rolled up our sleeves and developed Avail.

Avail is a boutique firm that manages telecom and technology assets and delivers expense successes. With our comprehensive approach to understand our clients' environments, Avail provides a guaranteed return on investment. Our clients understand their connected environments using our 4A platform: site by site, service by service, charge by charge; and use the intelligence to make data-driver business decisions. 


Our people, processes, and platform provide transparency to your technology environment and productivity to your IT team. 

Our People

  • White Glove Support Service.

  • Procure & Manage Service Delivery on behalf of the carriers.

  • Accurate & Thorough Data Analysis

  • 24/7 Help Desk.

  • Tenured Employees with Dedicated Account Teams.

Our Processes

  • We come to you. We onboard and integrate into our clients. 

  • Our processes are Gartner Recognized.

  • Incorporate Utilization Validation.

  • Provide Clear and Concise Contracts with Straight-forward pricing. 

Our Platform

  • Maximizes eBonding Capabilities.

  • Integrates with AP/ERP/ITSM Systems.

  • Simplifies the User Experience.

  • Includes Customized Reporting to align with your businesses structure. 

  • Is Fully-Managed by Avail Analysts & Project Managers. 

  • Can Feed IT Ticket Systems.




  • Reduced Costs

  • High Level Business Intelligence

  • Transparency

  • Reduced Invoice Cycles

  • Accountability with Reporting

  • Time-Savings



  • Process Standardization

  • Inventory of Assets

  • Budget Management

  • Technical Resources

  • Staff Efficiencies

  • Vendor Management

  • RFP Support

  • Focus on to-do lists

Take a step inside our doors to see what the excitement is all about!


We are an experienced team of professionals that assist with day-to-day operations to align with your IT and financial complexities. 


We provide extensive detail on your IT infrastructure: site by site, service by service, and charge by charge.



Based on our accurate data, we'll help you understand your connected environment to make strategic and operational data-driven business decisions.


We won't bounce you around to different departments or carriers. Our quick and seasoned analysts will give you peace of mind since they are an extension of your team.

Don't put your IT or telecom invoices on autopilot. Avail's fully managed TEM

provides end-to-end control and transparency of your environment.

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