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Is your organization looking to get a handle on your telecom expenses and service delivery management processes? Avail has led progressive organizations through successful procurement and process improvements.  If you fail to ask the right questions or solicit the right information, you may not have all you need to take a next step in the process. Allowing Avail to facilitate the RFP design process allows our clients a faster time to publish the very comprehensive request.  In addition, Avail can assist in designing metrics to evaluate the final submitted RFPs.

To assist clients with building a second approach to requesting proposals for Telecom Expense Management. 


Avail’s experienced telecom consultants will conduct a two-hour workshop that will cover all aspects of an RFP for your company to consider. Using industry best practices and lessons learned over the 20+ years, Avail will ensure you have all topics and questions covered in your RFP.


Avail will create a comprehensive RFP outline for your organization to follow for RFP development. Avail will assist with question development and evaluation framework.


"There is clear value to having ALL pertinent information stored in one place, so the 4A reporting tool definitely adds value."

Media / Communication Industry

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